In December 1995 I played bass with The Gun Club for what would be the band’s very last show. Jeffrey Lee Pierce passed away three months later due to a health condition. It’s hard to put into words what it felt like to play with someone who I admired but also knew that he may be terminally ill. I had gotten to know Jeffrey some months earlier before he went to Japan for the last time. Back in LA he put together a new lineup for The Gun Club, but the bass player had to leave to go on tour with another band so Jeffrey asked me to play with them. He made a long list of songs for me to learn, we rehearsed a couple of times and then we played a short set with several other bands at The Palace in Hollywood for a benefit show. After that Jeffrey went to stay with his father in Utah to try get healthy and to work on his book, but while there, he passed away.

The band picture was taken just after we played. I look pretty happy and I suppose I was because it was my first gig with them and I thought it went well. The band was Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Kid Congo, Mike Martt, Brock Avery and Elizabeth Montague. There’s a video of the show but for some reason they’ve been holding back from publishing it. Dave Travis, the videographer gave me a copy, I cherish it, I wish I could share it with everyone but that might require getting permission from the estate of Jeffrey. These are screenshots from the video (other than the first pic, the band pic).

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